San Francisco Radiant Heat

Innovative San Francisco Radiant Heating

Often, when people think of radiant heat, they picture radiant floor heating. However, most people don’t know that radiant heat can also be placed in the walls or ceiling, and for many homes this is actually a superior choice.

The Innovation

Like in-floor radiant heating, radiant walls and ceilings provide heat through panels behind the drywall. The heat generated by the panels, in turn heats the wall and ceiling surfaces, not the ambient air, resulting in total comfort at lower air temperatures and less energy consumption. Wall and ceiling systems better utilize the surface area, as the heat isn’t inhibited by furnishing and other items on the floor.

The Benefits

In existing homes, the installation of radiant floor heating is often cost-prohibitive and intrusive. It can be significant construction as the floor may need to be ripped up and replaced. For homeowners who want to maintain their existing tile or hardwood floors and benefit from radiant heat, installing a wall or ceiling system can be less intrusive and less expensive.

The Installation

All that is usually required for wall retrofits is removing the original drywall, installing the product, and then reinstalling the drywall. If this causes a change to the structure of the wall, a framed wall panel or wainscoting can be added to disguise it as a decorative element.

If you are considering radiant heat for your San Francisco or Bay Area home, give us a call. We can determine if radiant walls or ceilings are right for your home with our complete consultation and design services and no-obligation quote.

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